Bridging The Data Gap

Accelerate your small business & commercial lending from months to minutes. It’s a single connection to accounting, sales, banking, payroll, tax & more (i.e. Quickbooks, Stripe, SalesForce, etc.) & a portal connecting you and your business customers. 

Platform Products 

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Boss Originate

Automate your loan origination process by prescreening qualified business borrowers on one platform … in minutes

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Boss Decision & Monitor

Collects real-time information, automates scoring & provides a client & portfolio view for faster decisioning & faster monitoring and credit renewals

Data & Insights Products 

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Boss API

Boss API provides fintechs & financial institutions real-time access to SMB clients’ financial accounting, commerce, payroll & tax applications

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Boss Analytics

Boss Analytics provides business financial insights, cash flow forecasting & an overall view of business health

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CFO-in-a Box

Creates ratios, dashboards & insights for your business customers based on their accounting, sales, banking data 


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