PPP Loan Origination & Forgiveness Platform

Boss CARES PPP is an end-to-end process automation for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness.

Fully automated and incorporating built-in intelligence, Boss CARES PPP is a flexible, white-label PPP platform that supports borrower’s application, document submission and automated forgiveness calculations, verifying borrower’s information in real-time to eliminate errors and misreporting. We help banks and credit unions accelerate PPP loan approvals and forgiveness calculations.

Boss CARES/PPP: A PPP Platform That Achieves Results


Completed Forgiveness Calculations Accepted by the SBA


Completed Forgiveness Calculations Accepted by the SBA

Faster Credit Renewals


Faster Decisions


Cost Savings

Application Form

Intuitive self-service portal for borrowers to complete application and submit documents safely and securely while providing transparency throughout the PPP process.

Automated Forgiveness Calculations

Automated forgiveness calculations that adapt to changing SBA legislation and enable manual ‘what-if’ scenarios for borrowers.

SBA Connectivity

SBA Loan Origination API and Bulk Forgiveness Application Submission API that ensure seamless connectivity to SBA to meet all deadlines.

Features Of Boss CARES/PPP Platform

Lender & Borrower Dashboards

Application, data pull & forgiveness supporting businesses in real time (SBA forms: 2383, 2483, 3508, 1502) & monitor PPP process

Real-Time Business Insights & Alerts

Powered by sophisticated processing algorithms, lenders & borrowers are alerted for errors & compliance

Post-PPP Flexibility

After PPP, Boss PPP Platform adapts to regular business loan models: SMB, SBA, Commercial loans and more

Automated Data & Calculations

Borrowers submits documents & share financial data with lenders within clicks via our platform

Safe & Secure

Bank level secure with multi factor authentication (MFA), every user is authenticated and ensured secure entry

Adapts To Changing SBA Legislation

Boss PPP Platform adapts to evolving SBA guidance, reducing errors, ensuring accuracy for higher SBA acceptance rate


Lenders can adopt application module or forgiveness module separately or both together

Easy Set Up In 1 Hour

Plug and play! Set up is easy and fast

White-Label PPP Platform

Allows lender branding or website custom link

Boss CARES/PPP Platform Demo

How To Evaluate A PPP Platform

  • NThe more automation a platform has, the less work for your loan officers and borrowers.
  • NLook at the number of forgiveness calculations accepted by the SBA instead of the number of applications processed on a PPP platform
  • NChoose a PPP platform that adapts to changing SBA legislation and had a high SBA acceptance rate in the first PPP round

Having been involved in the first Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) round, we’ve created a guide for lenders to use when evaluating potential PPP platforms to support the automation required to run an efficient PPP loan book and delight customers.

Client & Partner Testimonials


Flexible pricing that matches your business needs

“Boss CARES covers the application, monitoring and forgiveness calculation of PPP loans. Borrowers can connect their accounting, financial & payroll systems to Boss Insights’ platform, while lenders can see that information at the company & portfolio level.”

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