Boss Insights is pleased to be featured on The American Banker’s Association: listed as a PPP solution provider and offering industry insight with our piece on Social Collaboration: Banks Key to Servicing PPP Borrowers During COVID.

PPP is changing the market, sales cycles that used to take years now are completed within weeks. Collaboration between industry players is what’s making the difference. Boss Insights with our own collaboration partners has delivered a PPP Platform that can adapt to the ever-changing SBA guidelines in real-time. Combine this with our automated forgiveness calculations and on-going monitoring which eliminates lender compliance risk, we have the ability to empower the economic engine of the future: small and medium-sized businesses.

In this world of social distancing, Boss Insights’ released an  OPED of social collaboration citing collaboration between lenders and fintechs as the key to servicing borrowers. Relationships that used to take 2 years to develop now take two weeks.

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