Free qualification for SMB & commercial lenders impacted by COVID-19

Boss Insights is offering free lead qualification services for any lender that does due diligence on new and existing loans to support SMB and commercial businesses during the crisis.

The world has changed drastically and quickly. While many lenders have been digitizing there are a lot of manual pieces to the puzzle that just don’t work in this environment. With the surge of applications to come starting next week, existing lender systems will be overwhelmed. We’ve been monitoring the government bailout packages: CARES (US), CCFF & CBILS (UK) and CEBA & BCAP (Canada).


Boss Insights stands ready to help SMB and Commercial lenders and are focusing efforts on automating the government backed programs through targeted API integrations. We will digitize qualification, due diligence, approvals and monitoring. Since mid-March lenders processing new business loan requests have had access to automated lead qualification for free.


More information on Boss Insights’ free technology supporting lenders &  businesses during COVID-19 here:

March 23, 2020

Grateful to be highlighted by #M4edge in this mini-podcast alongside other innovators presenting solutions to the Covid-19 issue.

Boss Insights – 100% digitization for lenders funding businesses now
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By collaborating we will succeed. Make sure to tune in to #M4edge for other solutions to the challenges that Covid-19 brings

Listen at 3:59 for Boss Insights’ instant digitization for lenders to support businesses