Deploy Personalized Marketing Campaigns at Scale

Generate ratios, dashboards & insights for your business customers based on their accounting, sales, banking data & more with CFO-in-a-box. Create personalized product suggestions based on data-driven insights.

Boss Originate - White Labeled Solution


Increased Automation


Automated Scoring


Faster Decisions

Faster Credit Renewals

Access SMB & Commercial Businesses Financial Data

Unlock global leading access to SMB & Commercial businesses accounting, banking, commerce/sales, payroll data & more to fuel personalized marketing campaigns

Boss Decision - Real-Time Insights & Lending Ratios
Boss Decision - Portfolio Management

Comprehensive Portfolio View by Segment

Boss Insights’ platform provides a 360-degree view of your business clients’ performance, segmenting them according to categories. Transform customer insights into marketing campaigns by learning about your clients’ issues & needs.

Real-Time Insights

Gain a 360-degree view of your borrowers’ financial health with insights & ratios for informed decision-making through a single APIWith automatic transfer & analysis of SMB & Commercial financial income statements, internal teams increase accuracy to reduce time spent on manual entry.

Boss Decision - Real-Time Insights & Lending Ratios
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Generate, manage, monitor & communicate your customers’ business-related personalized messages all in one place, with SOC2 Type2 compliance to guard security.

Stand Out From Competitors with Personalized Offerings 

With a comprehensive view of company performance, stakeholders & internal teams get crucial insights, trends & opportunities to make better business decisions & real-time personalized product offerings at exactly the right time with CFO-in-a-Box.

Boss Decision - Portfolio Management

Data Sources

Connect to the broadest coverage of data sources

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