Payment Providers Reach More Businesses

Enhance your POS systems, merchant financing, and payment processing to the next level. Reach additional businesses with white label solutions, completely branded to your organization. 

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Increased Automation


Automated Scoring


Faster Decisions

Faster Credit Renewals

Boss Decision - Real-Time Insights & Lending Ratios

Real-Time Insights 

Gain 360 degree view of your businesses’ financial health for informed decision making 


White-Labeled Solution

Create a user experience branded to your organization that your customers will trust

Boss Originate - White Labeled Solution

Payment Provider Use Cases

Boss Insights’ solution is flexible with a number of payment provider use cases

Best Client Experience 

1 API, 1000+ Integrations

Global leading access to accounting, banking, commerce, payroll, tax & more

Standardized Data
Standardized Data

Simplify managing various data formats to get standardized & normalized data

Real-Time Access

Real-time data for an updated view of your customers 

Data Sources

Connect to the broadest coverage of data sources

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