Data Features

Boss Insights provides the key features that matter most to organizations sharing financial data. Data is made available in major categories including Accounting, Payroll, Commerce, Banking and more. When you access a specific category of data, you get access to all APIs that provide that type of data

Standardized Data

Remove the complexity of having to manage the multitude of formats and document structures your customers provide. Boss Insights will map and normalize the data. Access raw audit data too!

Standardized Data


Stay In Sync

Keep everyone on the same financial page. Connect your LOS or CRM system and use Boss Insights to create a single source of truth for your customer data. Developers can connect directly to our API for more bespoke solutions.

Stay In Sync


Various Output Formats

Within the portal, data can be downloaded in formats including PDF and Excel. Alternatively, developers can use our REST API or an encrypted SQL connection.

Various Output Formats


Encrypted & Private

Advanced access controls enable data to only be shared with those who need to know. A complete audit log is kept and historical changes preserved so you know who did what and when.

Encrypted & Private


Data Sharing

Get a shared view of your customers’ financial data when they connect their business apps and upload documents

Data Categories

Examples of data categories and types of data you can access from your customers

Get A Complete Picture

  • Financial ratios – DSCR, fixed charge coverage ratio
  • Financial plans – Revenue-to-plan, OPEX-to-plan
  • Financial statements – Balance sheet, profit & loss statement
  • AR/AP – Aged receivables, credits & offsets
  • Transactions – A detailed general ledger

Examples of Accounting data in Excel format:

Get 3rd Party Verified Data

  • Customers
  • Shipments
  • Sales/Orders
  • Balances
  • Product inventory
  • Subscriptions (including recurring payments)
  • Payment methods

Examples of Commerce data in Excel format:

View Transactions & Payments

  • Transactions
  • Account balances
  • Account types
  • Account information

Examples of Banking data in Excel format:

Get Alternative Data

  • Staff roles
  • Payroll including benefits and taxes
  • Organization chart
  • Pay statements

Example of Payroll data in Excel format:

Get Additional Ways To View A Business

Sales, Marketing & Analytics 

  • Sales pipeline stages, value and probability of close
  • Sales rep attribution
  • Time to close
  • Website traffic
  • Advertising click through rates and CPA
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Corporate social media – sentiment and traffic analysis


Operations & Support

  • Queue depth and response time
  • Support concentration
  • Contact handle time and time to resolution
  • Project task information and associated tagging
  • Team workload
  • Key dates
  • Infrastructure spend
  • Deployment frequency
  • Service levels
Boss Insights Data - Accounting Commerce Banking Payroll HR Tax Marketing Sales

Boss Data

Connect seamlessly to the global leading number of SMB, SME and Commercial data sources using our single API so you can deliver a faster and more convenient customer experience

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