Enhance Business Customers’ Lending Process with Automated Scoring & Real-Time Financial Data

Understand your clients’ financial history to evaluate character, debt-to-income for capacity, assets & liabilities. Equip your organization with all you need to complete credit rating, all in one easy-to-use platform. 

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Assess SMB & Commercial Businesses with Global Leading Financial Data

With global leading access to SMB & Commercial businesses accounting, banking, commerce/sales & payroll data in market, gain a 360-degree view of your borrowers’ financial health with insights & ratios for informed decision-making through a single API.

Boss Decision - Real-Time Insights & Lending Ratios
Boss Originate - White Labeled Solution

Digitized White Label Solution 

Transform the lending process into digital application form automating the loan origination process by scoring & prescreening business borrowers & tracking referrals with Boss Originate.

Score Businesses Quickly

Verify ability to pay, willingness to pay & credit score on both the individual & business level through banking data & credit bureau information with Decision & Monitor.

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Monitor Ongoing Loan Conditions & Credit Renewals

Track covenants & identify early warning signals. Accelerate renewals by up to 500%. Assess portfolio risk at a glance with access to SMB & Commercial financial dashboards, allowing relationship managers to quickly identify risks & prioritize follow-ups.

Self Service & Personalized Offers

See business customers’ financial information & calculate ratios in a single platform anytime, anywhere with CFO-in-a-Box. Making daily operating activities like loans, payments & offering personalized products easy.

Boss Decision - Real-Time Insights & Lending Ratios
Broker Referral Tracking

Cash Flow Insights 

With real-time accounting data insights added to your platform, help clients quickly understand potential cash flow with scenarios, projection comparisons & cash forecasts to keep their business running smoothly.

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