Financial Dashboards For Your Business Customers

Boss Insights CFO-in-a-Box is a dashboard & insights platform that creates ratios, dashboards & insights for your business customers based on their accounting, sales, banking data & more. Create personalized product suggestions. Give businesses cash flow forecasts, benchmarking & personalized data-driven insights.

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Offer Personalized Recommendations

Boss Decision - Real-Time Insights & Lending Ratios

Real-Time Cash Flow Insights & Lending Ratios

Businesses gain a 360 degree view of their financial health with insights & ratios enabling them to self select products

CFO-in-a-Box Benefits 

Standardized Data
Cash Flow Forecasting

See exactly where cash flow stands every day in every business unit on one dashboard


Business Ratio Calculations

Configurable ratios and scoring to show business health (revenue, debt, liquidity, customer concentration) 

Personalized Recommendations

Automated recommendations on financial services product so you can accurately prescribe new products

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