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Accounting, commerce, payroll data & more … in minutes. Connect seamlessly to the global leading number of SMB, SME and Commercial data sources using our single API so you can deliver a faster and more convenient customer experience

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Flexible With All Lending Models

Access to the most robust set of accounting, banking, commerce and other data that does not pigeon-hole you into one lending model – Flexible with SMB, SBA, Commercial loans and more.

How Boss Data Works

Boss Data - Authorization


Business shares data with Lender

Boss Data - API Calls

API Calls

Lender makes API calls to accounting, banking & commerce data

Decisioning & Servicing

Decisioning & Servicing

Credit Officers get financial data for real time decisioning & servicing

Data Sources

Connect to the broadest coverage of data sources

Accounting, Banking, Commerce & More

Boss Insights integrates applications your business customers use. We add new integrations frequently and support accessing custom databases as well.

Can’t Find A Data Source?

If you’ve searched for a data source in the Search bar above and couldn’t find it, not to worry! Just drop us a request and we will get back to you ASAP.

Interested In Listing Your Data?

There is always a need for more data. If you would like to list your data, just drop us a note.

Boss Data Benefits

Quick & Easy

Quick access to information. Easy to adopt and use

Standardized Data
Standardized Data

Remove the complexity of managing various data formats your borrowers provide and get standardized and normalized data instead

Best Customer Experience

Remove your borrowers’ burden of manual data sharing and save their time


Increased Automation


Automated Scoring


Faster Decisions

Faster Credit Renewals

Revenue Calculator

Lenders, calculate the revenue you’ll make with Boss Insights

Monthly New Business Submissions: 5
Percentage of Funded Deals (%): 1
Average Loan/Funding Size ($): 20000
Annualized Rate (%): 3
Placeholder to get the calculated results and add them to the email
Placeholder to get the calculated results and add them to the email
Placeholder to get the calculated results and add them to the email

Disclaimer: Results are estimates based on the averages of Boss Insights’ clients’ outcomes. Boss Insights Inc. makes no warranty regarding the results as they may vary by institutions and scenarios.

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