Late February, Keren hosted a webinar to discuss the current problems in business lending and how data empowers lenders to properly delight and serve SMBs

How to Get Your SMBs Access to Capital – NOW!

Traditionally, SMB lending has been a manual process that leaves both the lender and borrower frustrated. Currently, the process consists of printing reports, emailing PDFs and using partial solutions. While some lenders have adopted new technology, others maintained traditional processes. With faster and personalized lending services being expected, we are at a critical time for SMB lending. 

Lenders are experts in their products and services. The latest insights from a market survey says that most lenders believe their products/services are their competitive advantage.

Is it possible to provide these products and services faster? Yes, with real-time access to data, lenders can expand their services to offer insights and cross-selling. 

But how much faster?

36% faster to decide

500% faster to monitor 

Better technology enhances products and services by providing lenders with real-time access to financial data. This access enables data-driven lending, empowering lenders to provide SMBs fast and personalized services. 

What’s stopping lenders from adopting better tech? More than half of respondents said that a lack of time and resources is stopping them. We don’t blame them – it’s traditionally 6-7 figures and 6 months to 2 years to adopt technology.  But no more. It’s now possible to address these challenges in 1 hour with no coding. 

This webinar covers industry trends in SMB lending, and how Boss Insights empowers lenders to delight SMB customers with real-time access to data.

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