Boss Insights is thrilled to be mentioned by Forbes’ Ron Shevlin as part of one of 2022’s hottest banking technologies – digital loan origination. Digital loan origination speeds up business lending by streamlining loan origination. Loan origination is the process of applying for a loan and processing the application. 

Back in 2018, Cornerstone Advisors’ Darryl Jones said “Digital lending is the future” but the “momentum of banks and credit unions to move to these platforms is not as strong as many believe it is.”

However, in the past four years, a lot has changed. COVID-19 has accelerated the rate at which business lenders are adopting this technology to provide digital and real-time lending solutions to business customers. 

With digital loan origination here to stay, let’s connect to move the industry forward with 36% faster funding, 5x faster monitoring & 60% cost savings.

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